Back Porch Music Sunday

Sun 8-11p

Back Porch Music with Keith Weston - a collection of folk, traditional music, singer-songwriter and the best old and new acoustic music.  Sunday at 8-11 p.m. Keith has been hosting Sunday evening Back Porch Music since 1996.

Keith in the WUNC music library with one of the Best of BPM Cds.
Credit MelShoots

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April 14, 2013

8:04 PM
Artist : Hillbenders
Album : Can You Hear Me?
Label : Compass
8:08 PM
Station Break/Turn Your Radio On
Artist : John Hartford
Album : Aereo-Plain
Label : Rounder
8:11 PM
Artist : Son Volt
Album : Trace
Label : Warner Bros
8:14 PM
The Galway Girl
Artist : Steve Earle
Album : Transcendental Blues
Label : E-Squared
8:17 PM
Irish Boy
Artist : Patty Griffin
Album : American Kid
Label : New West
8:20 PM
Wild Mountain Thyme
Artist : James Alan Shelton
Album : Half Moon Bay
Label : Rebel
8:23 PM
Riding the Danville Pike
Artist : Blue Highway
Album : Still Climbing Mountains
Label : Rounder
8:26 PM
A Long Way From Home
Artist : Richard D. Henry
Album : A Long Way From Home
Label : self
8:28 PM
When You Get to Asheville
Artist : Steve Martin & Edie Brickell
Album : Love Has Come For You
Label : Rounder
8:31 PM
Lights in the Valley
Artist : Carolina Chocolate Drops
Album : Mercyland
Label : self
8:34 PM
Oh My Little Darlin’
Artist : Mark Shatz
Album : Brand New Old Tyme Way
Label : Rounder
8:37 PM
Artist : John Prine
Album : John Prine
Label : Atlantic
8:40 PM
Down in the Woods
Artist : Malcolm Holcombe
Album : To Drink the Rain
Label : Music Road
8:43 PM
The Mountains My Baby And Me
Artist : The Grass Cats
Album : The Mountains My Baby And Me
Label : New Time
8:47 PM
Artist : Rayna Gellert
Album : Old Light: Songs from my Childhood & Other Gone Worlds
Label : self
8:51 PM
Streets of London
Artist : Ralph McTell
Album : The Best Of
Label : Koz Records
8:55 PM
London Town
Artist : Kim Richey
Album : Thorn In My Heart
Label : YepRoc
9:04 PM
Poor Ellen Smith
Artist : Crooked Still
Album : Still Crooked
Label : Signature Sounds
9:06 PM
Poor Ellen Smith
Artist : Stanley Brothers
Album : An Evening Long Ago
Label : Columbia Legacy
9:09 PM
Poor Ellen Smith
Artist : Jimmy Martin
Album : Don't Cry To Me
Label : Thrill Jockey
9:12 PM
Poor Ellen Smith
Artist : Jerry Miller
Album : New Road Under My Wheels
Label : Signature Sounds
9:14 PM
Across the Rocky Mountain
Artist : Ricky Skaggs & Bruce Hornsby
Album : s/t
Label : Legacy
9:20 PM
Shady Grove Gonna Blow
Artist : Chelle Rose
Album : Ghost of Browder Holler
Label : Lil Damsel Records
9:24 PM
Lament for Tommy Maken / Within a Hen’s Kick / The Slippery Slope
Artist : Liz Carroll & John Doyle
Album : Double Play
Label : Compass
9:29 PM
New Orleans
Artist : Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole
Album : Meet Me in Music
Label : Hickoryjack Records
9:34 PM
For The Birds / Replenish
Artist : Claudia Schmidt
Album : New Goodbyes, Old Helloes
Label : Flying Fish
9:41 PM
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Artist : Whitetop Mountain Band
Album : Seedtime on the Cumberland Sampler 1990-1991
Label : JuneAppal
9:44 PM
Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents
Artist : Norman Blake
Album : Far Away, Down on a Georgia Farm
Label : Shanachie
9:48 PM
If I Could Fly Like An Eagle
Artist : Guy Davis
Album : You Don't Know My Mind
Label : Red House Records
9:51 PM
Frankie Jean
Artist : Memphis Minnie
Album : Complete
Label : Document
9:54 PM
Straw Breakdown
Artist : Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners
Album : s/t
Label : County
9:57 PM
Grumbling Old Man, Grumbling Old Woman
Artist : Mike Stevens
Album : The World is Only Air and a Very Dangerous Hat
Label : Borealis
10:04 PM
Pulling Touch
Artist : Poi Dog Pondering
Album : The Best of
Label : Columbia Legacy
10:09 PM
Paul and Peter Walked
Artist : Salamander Crossing
Album : Bottleneck Dreams
Label : Signature Sounds
10:13 PM
Ragged Man
Artist : The Gibson Brothers
Album : Bona Fide
Label : Sugar Hill
10:17 PM
Old Dangerfield
Artist : Phillips, Grier & Flinner
Album : Looking Back
Label : Compass
10:22 PM
Yadkin River Blues
Artist : Jon Shain
Album : Times Right Now
Label : Flyin Records
10:27 PM
Saturday Sun
Artist : Nick Drake
Album : Five Leaves Left
Label : Hannibal
10:32 PM
Pink Moon
Artist : Nick Drake
Album : Pink Moon
Label : Hannibal
10:34 PM
Leaving Eden
Artist : Carolina Chocolate Drops
Album : Leaving Eden
Label : Nonesuch
10:38 PM
The End of the Rainbow
Artist : Richard and Linda Thompson
Album : I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
Label : Carthage
10:43 PM
Church Street Blues
Artist : Tony Rice
Album : Church Street Blues
Label : Sugar Hill
10:46 PM
Greenback Dollar
Artist : Clarence "Tom" Ashley
Album : Greenback Dollar
Label : County
10:49 PM
Seventeen Cents
Artist : Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin
Album : Stay Awhile
Label : Rounder
10:54 PM
Wayfaring Stranger
Artist : Eva Cassidy
Album : Songbird
Label : Blix Street


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Wed April 10, 2013

Johnny Cash's Columbia Catalog Out Now — As A 64-Disc Box Set

A new 63-disc box offers a complete retrospective of the Man in Black's storied career.
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In 1955, John R. Cash was a sometime auto mechanic, sometime appliance salesman who liked to play the guitar and sing, mostly gospel songs. The "R" in his name didn't stand for anything — and, in fact, he'd been named J.R. at birth and had to come up with "John" when he joined the Air Force. He'd spend the rest of his life reinventing himself.

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6 Tunes: Some Personal Faves I'd Like To Share With You

Keith Weston in the WUNC Back Porch library
Credit MelShoots

Every weekend it's my pleasure on Back Porch Music to share with you scores of selections from WUNC's wide-ranging folk music library.  It's always a musical adventure that I often find surprising and inspiring myself - and I hope you do, too. From fiddle tunes to singer-songwriters, the term "folk" applies to such a large range of sounds and textures.

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Tiny Desk Concerts
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Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill: Tiny Desk Concert

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill perform a Tiny Desk Concert on Feb. 25, 2013.
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You're about to watch one of the best fiddlers on the planet and a subtle guitar master work their magic. For too many of us, Irish music is something that merely gets trotted out around this time of year, associated with St. Patrick's Day and the coming of spring — and made a cliche by commercialism and whatever other shallow notions make cliches what they are.

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Appalachian Music With Old Fashioned Stage Effects

Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle

While many popular musicians today seek out the newest digital technology to enhance their performances, there’s a young musical duo from rural Virginia who are moving in the opposite direction. Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle call themselves simply “Anna and Elizabeth.”  Both accomplished traditional Appalachian musicians on a variety of instruments, together they have resurrected a storytelling tradition called the “crankie,” whose technology outdates their combined age (which is 50).

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Back Porch Music
4:45 pm
Sun February 24, 2013

Two Ticket Give-aways On Sunday's Back Porch

Credit Digital Chips

In addition to a pile of good music on Sunday night's Back Porch Music, you'll have the opportunity for two ticket give-aways.  Those are:

Karal Bonoff at the Carrboro ArtsCenter:

and The Gibson Brothers Brothers at the Fletcher Opera Theater in Raleigh:

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Celebrating The Man Who Recorded The World

Alan Lomax with James (Son) Thomas, Delta Blues Festival, Greenville, Mississippi, 1979. Photo by Bill Ferris.

Bill Ferris and Nathan Salsburg join Isaac-Davy Aronson to discuss the legacy of Alan Lomax

Alan Lomax dedicated seven decades of his life to recording and distributing the sound of as much of the globe as he could reach. Beginning as a 17-year-old from Austin, Texas, Alan traveled with his father, John Lomax, to plantations, farms and prisons in the deep South.

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Tue February 19, 2013

Video: Doc Watson & David Holt Share Stories And Songs

For the first time since 2005, our friends over at UNC-TV will air a concert with Doc Watson and David Holt sharing stories and songs. The 1998 concert  features extended on-stage interviews with Doc Watson, relating the music to North Carolina and providing context and history.

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3:48 pm
Sat January 26, 2013

Timeless Tunes and Toe Tappers: Best of Back Porch Music Vol 15 CD

WUNC Front and Song Listing

With 57 minutes and 52 seconds of goodness from Back Porch Music, here's a sampling of our Best of BPM CD offered during the WUNC fund drives. 

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5:15 am
Fri December 21, 2012

Back Porch Music - Picks for 2012 and Looking Back

I Draw Slow - Redhills

WUNC's Back Porch Music hosts, Keith Weston and Freddy Jenkins, join Eric Hodge to chat about this past year's memorable acoustic and roots music releases and to remember some of the important musicians who left us this year.

Picks mentioned in the conversation:

Artist - Album Title
I Draw Slow - Redhills
Midtown Dickens - Home
Darrell Scott & Tim O'Brien - Live: We're Usually A Lot Better Than This
The Grass Cats - The Mountains My Baby and Me
Matt Flinner Trio - Winter Harvest

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