Young Testimony Continues in Edwards Trial

Apr 25, 2012

Day three of the John Edwards Trial is expected to provide more testimony from former campaign aide Andrew Young.

Jeff Tiberii: For five hours on Tuesday, Young testified about covering up an affair, living with Edwards mistress, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to try to make it all go away. Young said he initially claimed paternity of the child Edwards had fathered, because he believed in the campaign and wanted his friend to become the most powerful man in the world. Supporter Rachel Bunny Mellon gave hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks signed over to Young’s wife. Young said he was concerned about receiving the money, but testified that Edwards said he had consulted with campaign law experts and it was a legal non-campaign expense. Along with copies of the checks, more than 50 exhibits were introduced into evidence including voicemails from Edwards to young, and phone records showing calls during the affair. The direct questioning of Young should wrap-up this morning followed by cross examination from the defense.