WUNC 2014 Murrow Awards Overall Excellence Entry

Feb 7, 2014

Rundown for WUNC’s 2014 Overall Excellence Entry

This entry contains examples of the best work of North Carolina Public Radio WUNC. The stories are excerpted in order to meet the category’s time limit.

0:00 – 4:17                  Legislative end of session wrap-up

The biggest stories in North Carolina in 2013 were the changes enacted by the new Republican legislature and Governor elected in 2012. Our reporters kept listeners up to date on the bills moving through the legislature. This summary report at the end of the session gives a sense of the scope of the changes…

4:17 – 7:28                  Abortion bill

As bills were moving through the General Assembly, our reporters asked critical questions such as in this look at a bill to change abortion procedures…

7:28 – 9:19                  Protest verdicts

The changes enacted by the legislature drew huge crowds of protestors. We stuck with the story after the legislature left town, looking at what happened to those protestors…

9:19 – 15:32                North Carolina Teacher Project

One of the groups most affected by the General Assembly’s reforms was teachers. We undertook a thorough look at the teaching profession in North Carolina through our “North Carolina Teacher Project.” We began the series with an overview of the past, present, and future of the teaching profession in North Carolina…

15:32 – 17:40              Smithfield Food merger

The slow economic recovery was another big story in 2013. Our reporters looked for signs of how that was playing out in North Carolina. A big change was announced in May with the merger of pork producer Smithfield Foods with a Chinese company…

17:40 – 19:48              Gun factory

We also looked at job prospects for areas still suffering from high unemployment…

19:48 – 22:50              Plantation reunion

Our news team also brought listeners stories of art, culture, and everyday life in North Carolina. Such as this story about a family descended from slaves who decided to hold their family reunion at the plantation where their ancestors had toiled in servitude.

22:50 – 26:47              Newscast entry

You can find the full version of any of these stories at wunc.org. We wrap up with our entry in the newscast category. This is our local 7:06 A-M newscast from November 8, 2013.  Thanks for listening.