A Writer, A Musician And A Photographer Walk Into The Casbah...

May 28, 2013

What happens when a writer, a musician and a photographer get together for a one-time performance at the Casbah in Durham? You'll have to show up to Professor Diablo's True Revue tonight at 8 p.m. to find out.

It's the brainchild of Durham writer Eric Martin. He got together with a friend at Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, and they realized that they didn't see many cross-disciplinary performances in the area. They started bringing together area artists for these unique performance.

The topic of tonight's show is "Lost and found." Biologist Courtney Fitzpatrick, musician Melissa Swingle and visual artist Leah Sobsey, who teaches at UNC-Greensboro and Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, join host Frank Stasio to talk about Professor Diablo's True Revue.

Performance of "Power, The Tennessee Valley Authority"