Witnessing The Moore Tornado From Air And Ground

May 22, 2013

Alonzo Adams took this image of the tornado advancing on a neighborhood in Moore, Okla., on Monday. The tornado, with winds of 200 mph, was close to a mile wide.
Credit Alonzo Adams

As a mile-wide tornado tore across the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore on Monday night, it destroyed houses, flattenedd schools and threw cars into the air.

Host Dick Gordon speaks with three people who witnessed it from the ground, from the air and from a shelter.

He speaks with Alonzo Adams, a photographer who captured images as a giant black funnel cloud advanced toward a neighborhood. (See a photo gallery.)

Then, he speaks with Nick Stremble, the emergency room manager at Moore Medical Center. Stremble helped shuffle patients to a basement shelter before winds leveled the building.

And, finally, he speaks with Jon Welsh, a helicopter pilot for News Channel 4 who was flying as the tornado hit.

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