Wintery Mix Serves Up Slick Roads

Jan 25, 2013

Triangle areas are experiencing sleet, freezing rain and -- in some parts snow -- as part of a winter weather system quickly passing through.  While the falling precipitation is expected to end this evening, the slick conditions it will leave behind may cause issues for drivers into tomorrow morning.  NC DOT spokeswoman Jennifer Garifo says maintenance employees are planning for long shifts today.

Interstate 40
Credit NC DOT

"Some of the crews are coming in later in the day especially in the eastern areas..those crews are coming in later in the day so they can be there late at night.  If ice does form, obviously we'll go out and salt, so really, brining isn't the only thing that we do.  So we will be out."

By tomorrow afternoon, relatively warmer temperatures are expected to melt any snow accumulation and "black ice" on the roads.  Until then state DOT officials urge caution if you must be on the road before midday Saturday.