Winter Storms Taking Toll on DOT Budget

Jan 26, 2011

Snow and ice this winter is proving costly for the state Department of Transportation. DOT spokesman Steve Abbott says the Department spent more than 31 million dollars through January 18th, already surpassing what was set aside for road clearing. He says that's because of the high number of storms we've seen this winter.

"Also because they're widespread.  I believe it was the Christmas week storm, every county in the state had snow.  Usually the mountains get it or maybe something up along I-95 and the mountains don't get it.  But we've had a couple that have blanketed most of the state and that's why it's a little higher this year. "

And it's expected to get even costlier with snow forecast for western North Carolina this week. Abbott says the Department's ability to clear roads won't be affected. He says the money for future cleanup will come from the DOT's maintenance funds.