Wines for Grilling

Jun 30, 2017

We often think of grabbing a beer when pulling those hamburgers and brats off the grill. However, wine can be a refreshing and beautiful pair to grilled foods. See the video above for quick tips on wine pairings.  Ray Isle, Executive Wine Editor at Food & Wine Magazine, has additional suggestions below, even some for potato chips!

Hot dogs - w/ onions, sauerkraut, relish
Reds: Malbecs or red wines with a lot of fruit intensity but not a lot of tannins, big rich powerful
Specifics: Crios de Susana Balbo Malbec
Dashe's Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel (especially for anything with "trimmings")

Chicken with jalapeno marinade/ jerk chicken
Whites: Sweet or with off dry sweetness
Specific: Eroica Riesling - Chateau Ste. Michelle - bright fruit acidity, tiny bit of sweetness not obtrusive
Red : Lambrusco- sparkling red

Charred eggplant
Reds: Syrah, Shiraz
Specifics: Penfolds Bin 28 Shiraz
White: rogue varieties
Specifics: Martson, Qupe

Sticky Sweet Flavors
Fruity but not sweet wines
Light, fruity wines
Dry Rose
Spain or New World Wines
Specific: Etude Pinot Noir

Potato Chips / French Fries / Salty snacks
Any dry sparkling wine