Why I Am A WUNC Sustainer And Volunteer

Apr 25, 2013

Carol Bylinski takes a pledge during the 2013 WUNC Spring Fund Drive.
Credit Keith Weston

Living in Chapel Hill for many years, I cannot imagine beginning my day without WUNC radio. The programs keep me informed throughout the day, at home and in the car. This is the reason I became a sustainer - my monthly pledge is my appreciation for the fine and varied programming offered by the station.

I cannot imagine beginning my day without WUNC radio.

I also volunteer regularly during the fund drives and many times I'm packaging the thank you gifts or preparing mailings. This is another way I can say "thank you." Volunteering has also solified my support of the station. The staff and their dedication is priceless!

If you would like become a WUNC volunteer, please email volunteer@wunc.org.  Thank you!  Carol and other volunteers are waiting to take your pledge of financial support of WUNC at 1.800.962.9862. Or, you may want to pledge online.

[Note: Carol wrote this for WUNC while volunteering for the 2013 Spring Fund Drive.]