Why a Gun Rights Group is Suing Winston-Salem

Jan 15, 2013

A gun-rights group is suing the city of Winston-Salem over what it claims are unconstitutional restrictions of concealed weapons.

Two years ago the general assembly gave cities the ability to regulate concealed handguns at county and municipal recreational facilities. Winston-Salem leaders defined recreational facilities as playgrounds, swimming pools, athletic fields and athletics facilities. Of the city's 69 parks, concealed handguns are prohibited in parts or all of 52.

Rights Watch International claims Winston-Salem has overstepped its authority and has filed a lawsuit against the city, the mayor and director of parks and rec. The lawsuit says the city has not clearly labeled where concealed weapons are illegal. The group is seeking an injunction against enforcing the ban of concealed handguns in city parks. Officials from the gun group and the city declined to be interviewed due to the pending litigation.