Why Did You Pick Up The Bassoon?

Apr 16, 2013

US Army image of a bassoon from the US Army Band Europe.
Credit Flicker user SJrankin

  The music critic and composer Cecil Gray once said: "The bassoon in the orchestra plays the same role as Gorgonzola among cheeses -- a figure for fun. Actually, the bassoon can be the most romantic and passionate of instruments, and Gorgonzola can be the finest of cheeses, but they must both be treated properly."  Why would anyone pick up the bassoon?

Seven musicians join host Frank Stasio to show off their bassoon playing skills.  They are Rachael Elliott, Michael Burns, Cory Jones, Elise Seifert, Pratul Srinivasan, YunChu Huang, and Susan Cummings. The Bassoon Band will be performing April 21th at the Casbah in Durham.