What's Lurking Beneath Antarctica's 5 Million Square Miles Of Ice?

Feb 8, 2013

Microbe images and an investigator peering into an ice hole.

Ice Breaker: Scientists Drill in Antarctica

Dick puts a call into McMurdo Station to talk with one of the U.S. scientists on an expedition to drill into a frozen lake to find out what is underneath. They have taken samples now and have to get the lake water back to the U.S. to see whether there is life in this lake.


Remembering the Cessna that flew into Red Square back in 1987.

Real Good Hands: Gregory Porter is Up for a Grammy

Gregory Porter sings and scats talking to Phoebe Judge about being his mother's "songster" and being told he sounded like Nat King Cole as a boy. That inspired him to keep singing.

Music in this episode: "On My Way to Harlem", "Real Good Hands", "Be Good (The Lion Song)", "God Bless the Child", "Painted On Canvas", and "Mother's Song" by Gregory Porter; "Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole; and "God Bless the Child" by Billie Holiday.

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