Weather Warms Up, Cools Down, Warms Up Again

Feb 3, 2014

It will be warmer and rainier today before temperatures drop tonight.
Credit Juni from Kyoto, Japan / Wikipedia Creative Commons

The weather warmed up over the weekend, after snow, ice, and freezing temperatures deadlocked much of the state last week.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Phil Badgett said air flow from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic is keeping things warmer and rainy in the region today.

“We'll be down in the mid 30s or so by tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow afternoon into Wednesday, we're looking for just a cloudy and kind of a chilly period with temperature in the upper 30s and low 40s,” Badgett said. “And that's gonna be replaced again by a quick rebound Wednesday afternoon when temperatures should get back up in the 60s.”

But we haven't necessarily seen the last of the Polar Vortex.

“Looks like that cold air, though, is gonna pretty much stay put just to the north and west of central North Carolina,” Badgett said. “We are gonna turn colder tomorrow and tomorrow night, but, it looks like the readings right now are gonna stay put above freezing even at night. So that's not anywhere near as cold as it was last week.”

Badgett said there isn't any substantial snow in the forecast in the coming weeks, but he says it's always possible, especially until early March.