"Walk Raleigh" Campaign Gets Nod from City

Mar 7, 2012

The City of Raleigh has agreed to begin a pilot program to focus on the growing “Walk Raleigh” movement.

Leoneda Inge:  Yesterday, the Raleigh City Council “sanctioned” nearly 30 street signs secretly posted by Matt Tomasulo.  Tomasulo and his “Walk Raleigh” campaign was featured last month on a special segment aired on the BBC.

Matt Tomasulo:  The general idea is to help people discover how many minutes it is to walk somewhere by foot as opposed to how many miles it might be for somebody to drive.

 Tomasulo agreed to donate his signs to the city. One sign reads – “It’s a seven minute walk to the Raleigh City Cemetery.”  The “Walk Raleigh” pilot program runs through May.  It’s not clear whether the signs are here to stay.