WakeMed Encouraging Breast Feeding

May 9, 2011

WakeMed celebrated Mother's Day by kicking off a campaign to promote breast feeding. The hospital no longer gives out formula or pacifiers to new mothers. WakeMed Women and Children's Services Director Elizabeth Rice says breast feeding is healthier for both infants and mothers. But she says the hospital isn't taking away anyone's right to choose how they feed their baby.

Elizabeth Rice:  "I think that one of the things, the misconceptions, is that we are requiring everyone to breast feed and we certainly don't want to take that choice away from any woman. She is free to choose to feed her baby however she wants. We just want to support her whatever that decision is whether its breast feeding or whether she chooses to formula feed."

The campaign is part of WakeMed's effort to win a "baby friendly" designation from the World Health Organization and the United Nations' Children's Fund. UNC Hospitals is also seeking the designation.