Wake Superior Court Judge Blocks Rules That Would Apply To ‘Moral Monday’ General Assembly Activists

Jun 14, 2014

More than 900 of 'Moral Monday' protesters were arrested while rallying at the General Assembly in 2013.
Credit NAACP

A Wake County Superior Court Judge issued an order blocking rules that say how visitors can behave in the state legislative building.

Judge Carl Fox will sign the order in response to a lawsuit filed by protesters. Hundreds have rallied on Mondays at the Legislative building in response to laws passed by the General Assembly.  

Fox says people should be able to voice their opinions in public places, including the General Assembly.

"As to making noise that is loud enough to impair others' ability to conduct conversation in a normal tone of voice while in a general vicinity? It's just overbroad."

The judge will sign the restriction next week, but it’s only temporary. A full trial likely won’t happen until the fall.