Wake Schools At A Crossroads

Oct 7, 2011

The Wake County School Board campaign season is entering its final few days. It’s also a crucial time for the district’s long-awaited student assignment plan.

Wake Schools superintendent Tony Tata has worked for about 7 months on the specifics of the plan. He presented it to the school board earlier this week. A public hearing is scheduled for next Thursday.

In between, the races for 5 school board seats will be decided on Tuesday. Tata was hired by the Republican school majority last year, but to his dismay, he was featured prominently in a campaign flyer sent out by Republican board chair Ron Margiotta.

Tony Tata: "I would prefer to have not been associated with any campaign. It wasn’t my picture. It’s a free country. I’m the superintendent. I’m neutral and I remain neutral."

To regain the majority, democrats would need to win all 5 seats up for grabs. If they do, they may make significant changes to the student assignment