Wake School Board Discussing Tata's Future

Sep 25, 2012

Wake County Schools superintendent Tony Tata may learn today if he still has a job.

Board members spent more than three hours yesterday in closed session. They made no decision. But Republican members who support Tata -- like John Tedesco -- left the meeting upset about where they were.

John Tedesco: In a closed session personnel item when I should be working on something like student achievement.

 Some parents have criticized the choice-based student assignment plan Tata has implemented. They've been vocal about recent problems with school bus pick-ups as well. Parent Niki Speri feels Tata is trying to make the district better

Niki Speri: For some reason no one's allowing him to do that and that's what's unfortunate about this whole situation. It'd be a sad day if they did let him go.

Democrats on the board didn't comment.

Kevin Hill: It's closed session. It'll remain closed session.

Republican Debra Goldman described the mood as..

Debra Goldman: Strained. I think that's the best word for it

The board will continue its closed-door meeting this afternoon.