Wake High Schools Accreditation Changed

Mar 16, 2011

Wake County high schools have been placed on “accredited warned” status by the agency that accredits them.

The AdvancED report (pdf) states that the school board has"created a climate of uncertainty, suspicion, and mistrust throughout the community."

The report is particularly critical of the school board members who were elected in 2009 and voted to end the district’s diversity policy. It states that during its investigation that "it became very evident that Board members were shaping policy based on their personal experiences rather than relying on objective data and evidence reflecting the system as a whole."

AdvancED is requiring the Board to implement 7 action steps, including training for board members, better transparency and consistency on how it conducts business.

Superintendent Tony Tata said in a statement that he is implementing policies to address the problems.

AdvanceED will return in eight months to gauge progress.