Wake County Jury Finds U.S. Senate Candidate Misled Investors

Feb 18, 2014

Dr. Greg Brannon is a Republican candidate in the U.S. Senate primary.
Credit Jessica Jones

A Wake County jury has decided that one of the Republican U.S. Senate candidates gave false or misleading statements to investors in a technology startup.

After two days of deliberation, a jury in civil court has found that Dr. Greg Brannon gave false information to two men in order to convince them to invest in a now-defunct mobile phone company. Brannon, who is a tea party favorite, is liable for helping repay 250 thousand dollars to those investors.

The men said Brannon misled them about Verizon's interest in a mobile phone app developed by the company, called Neogence. One of the men says the ob-gyn encouraged him to invest when he brought his wife to the doctor's office for a checkup. The jury did not find the CEO of the company liable.

In a statement released by his campaign, Brannon said he completely disagrees with this verdict and that he feels he was treated unfairly by the court. He plans to appeal the decision.