Wake Commissioners, Board Of Education Wrestle Over School Construction

Nov 20, 2013

The chair of the Wake County school board says the board will consider county commissioners' request for more authority over school construction.

Credit David Benbennick via wikimedia commons

For at least the past 11 years, Wake County commissioners have tried to gain control in the design and maintenance of schools. Just this week they passed a proposal - asking the school board if they can at least share the responsibility.

County school board chairman Keith Sutton says he understands the reasoning behind the commissioners' proposal: they fund much of the county's schools and want a say in how they're built. Sutton says the school board doesn't have any issue with a compromise.

"It's just a matter of determining what level of involvement that should be. We contend that because we know the business of schools, we know what learning and educational environments should look like,and what's best and what's most optimal for students...that that should stay or remain in our domain."

The commissioners asked the school board to consider their proposal for more involvement during the board's December 17th meeting.