Voters Decide Bonds' Fate Today

Oct 8, 2013

Voters will decide on the $810-million Wake School Bond today.
Credit Dave DeWitt / WUNC

Voters in Wake County and Raleigh have two major bonds to decide on when they go to the polls today. 

The $810-million Wake School Bond has been dissected and argued over for months. Supporters say it is past time to build new schools and renovate old ones. They offer enrollment growth projections and low-interest rates as two reasons to pass the bond.

Opponents say a ten-percent increase in property taxes to pay for the bond is too much in an economic downturn. They also question the schools’ growth figures and believe scaled-back renovations and school construction is more prudent.

While all of Wake County will get a chance to vote on the school bond, only Raleigh residents will weigh in on a much-smaller transportation bond. The $75-million bond would repair only existing roads and not include light rail or any other new project.