The Voter Registration Deadline Is Fast Approaching

Apr 7, 2014

Last year the General Assembly passed new rules for North Carolina voters.  They include shortening the time for early voting and eliminating the ability to register when casting an early ballot. 

Credit Flickr creative commons

Veronica DeGraffenreid works for the State Board of Elections.  She says the deadline to register is at the end of the week.

"County boards of elections will need to receive all photo registration applications to change, to register to vote, change name, change address and certainly change party affiliation by 5 o'clock pm on Friday, April the 11th, that's this coming Friday,"  says DeGraffenreid

DeGraffenreid says early voting begins April 24th and runs through midday May 3rd.  She says a provision requiring a photo ID to vote will not take affect until 2016.