Voter Challenges Dismissed

Aug 22, 2012

The Wake County Board of Elections has dismissed a citizen's group's challenge of registered voters it says are non-citizens.

Gurnal Scott: Wake County elections officials took about an hour to turn aside the 18 challenges put up by the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina. Chairwoman Cherie Poucher says the reason for the dismissals was simple.

Cherie Poucher: The burden of proof was on the challenger. He did not bring anything forward to prove otherwise.

Jay Delancy says he founded VIPNC as a way for citizens to help scrub the rolls clean of ineligible voters. He says the hearing only proved to him that election laws are too complicated.

Jay Delancy: The appeals process is to go to clerk of Superior Court to file an appeal which we have done.

Next week, he'll challenge hundreds of registered voters he says are deceased.