VIDEO: Spoof of HBO's 'Looking' Features What Looks Like A WUNC T-Shirt

Feb 4, 2014

Screenshot from Funny or Die video. Is that a WUNC T-shirt?
Credit Funny or Die

Familiar with HBO's new comedy drama Looking? The Huffington Post today featured a Funny or Die parody of the show. The parody is called Not Looking.

Looking, not looking. All we know is that WUNC staffers were looking closely at the parody, because appears that one of the characters is wearing a WUNC t-shirt.

Creator Drew Droege does have North Carolina roots. He attended Lincolnton High School and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem. If it is a WUNC t-shirt, someone must be a long-time supporter, because it looks chez retro. Or, someone was poppin' tags at the thrift shop.

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