Video: Dramatic Rescue Of Teens By Coast Guard

Nov 25, 2013

The Coast Guard rescued two teenaged boys yesterday. The pair were on their 16 foot Jon boat when it began taking on water.  As a result, they were stranded in North Carolina's Currituck Sound, near the Virginia border.  The vessel ended up near Navigation Marker 99. A navigation marker is a tall structure that sits in the water, and stretches above the surface of the water to mark location. The boys had climbed the structure to safety.

The Coast Guard dispatched an MH-60 Jayhawk Helicopter.  Watch as the  swimmer is lowered into the water and helps a teen off of the marker:

Rescue swimmer saves teen
Credit screencapture / US Coast Guard

This video, provided by the Coast Guard, shows the arrival of the rescue team to the platform. A basket with a rescue swimmer is lowered into the water. As the first teen makes his way to safety, a crew member on the copter says, "I'm getting the swimmer out of the basket right now. He is very cold." 

Meanwhile, the other teen climbs down the ladder from the platform to the ocean, and then the teen and the rescue swimmer make their way to the rescue basket. The second teen is then pulled to safety.