Veterans Honored In Chapel Hill Ceremony

Nov 12, 2012

America's veterans were honored today at a ceremony in Chapel Hill.

Master of Ceremony: World War II

Gurnal Scott: One by one...their conflicts were called.

Master of Ceremony: Korea

And those who served stood at attention.

Master of Ceremony: Vietnam

Soldiers, ROTC cadets at UNC and a grateful Chapel Hill public gathered to honor military men and women in Hill Hall. Many see them as heroes..but Lee Heavlin sees it a bit differently. He fought in Vietnam in the first half of the 1960's..and now leads a Chapel Hill legion post

Lee Heavlin: I just did my job. I think we're all heroes to a degree but I don't think I've ever talked to a veteran who thinks of him..even a guy who has multiple major awards. They're just doing their job..and someone saw them do it.
And for the last 93 years..we have celebrated those soldiers "jobs" with reverence and respect.