US Minority Business Leader at Duke

Feb 25, 2011

Durham-area business owners got the chance to have some face-time with the head of the U-S Minority Business Development Agency.

Robin Costello is a Vice President at Piedmont Investment Advisors. The company is 10 years old managing three-and-a-half billion dollars in investments.

Robin Costello:  "The corporate."

David Hinson:  "We’re working on it."

Robin Costello:  "It’s hard."

Costello was at the Duke Fuqua School of Business speaking with David Hinson - National Director of the Minority Business Development Agency.  Hinson says the Obama Administration knows the struggles of small businesses. Hinson touted a new initiative called “Start Up America” – it’s an alliance to encourage the private sector to help smaller entrepreneurial ventures grow. Hinson encouraged today’s group to think big and global.