Urban Ministries Grateful for "SPENT"

Oct 28, 2011

An online game developed to help bring awareness to the needy at Urban Ministries of Durham is helping keep the organization afloat.

McKinney advertising agency developed and launched the online game SPENT earlier this year.  Players live close to the edge of joblessness and homelessness.  And at the end – they’re prompted to donate to Urban Ministries of Durham.  Patrice Nelson is Executive Director of the non-profit.  She says SPENT has brought in 41-thousand dollars so far.

Patrice Nelson:  "So it’s nice each week we can look in our SPENT account and we have received donations that we didn’t expect.  And I love the fact that we get donations from France and Africa and Canada and California and Boston."

Urban Ministries’ annual report shows the organization provided 15-percent more emergency nights of shelter and food than the year before.