Undocumented Immigrant Seeks Trial

Jul 3, 2012

An undocumented immigrant that interrupted a state House hearing in February wants his case heard in Wake County Superior Court.

Gurnal Scott: Uriel Alberto was supposed to have a trial in District Court yesterday. His lawyer invoked a provision that allowed him to plead to a disorderly conduct charge without admitting guilt. An appeal was immediately filed. Alberto says he does not regret his actions at the House hearing. He says he has also followed President Obama's recent order to a allow children illegally brought to the U-S to remain here. Alberto says it still doesn't go far enough.

Uriel Alberto: It doesn't give status and it doesn't allow undocumented youth to pursue a college education which in reality what the organizations I deal with strive for.

Alberto could still be deported to Mexico. A provision of the president's policy requires undocumented immigrants like him to keep a clean record.