Two Duke Energy Board Members Resign

Jul 31, 2012

Duke Energy is looking for new board members since the resignation of two former Progress Energy directors. 

Leoneda Inge: Duke Energy says it has accepted the resignations of John Baker the second and Theresa Stone. The company says the board’s Corporate Governance Committee will make a recommendation to the full Board of Directors to fill the vacancies. Baker and Stone resigned in protest while calling on the company to begin a formal search for a new CEO. Former Progress CEO Bill Johnson officially served as the head of the combined Progress - Duke Energy for only a few hours before being fired. Some call it a coup. Former Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers was re-called to the post by legacy Duke board members who make up a majority of the board. While the state Utilities Commission investigates, former Progress Board members Marie McKee and James Hyler have hinted they could also leave the Duke Energy Board.