Triangle Is Top 20 Producer of U-S Patents

Jan 31, 2013


A report released today by the Brookings Institution takes an in depth look at trends in U-S patenting.

It’s probably no surprise – the Triangle is in the top 20 when it comes to producing patents.  This ranking is during a tough set of years – between 2007 and 2011 – when the country was in an economic depression.

Professor Deborah Strumsky of UNC-Charlotte is one of the authors of the “Patenting Prosperity” report.  She says a lot of the innovation in the R-T-P area is coming from area universities.

“Look at Chapel Hill.  They’ve been a powerhouse in the patenting area. And if you have an aggressive technology transfer office, that’s really rewarding professors for being entrepreneurial as well as doing good scholarship, it’s plain to see the effects. And the effects are substantial.” Strumsky said.

The Brookings Institution report shows Raleigh and Cary averaged more than 12-hundred patents a year during the downturn.  Durham and Chapel Hill averaged 552 patents.