Triad Research Park Hires New President

Jun 28, 2012

In Winston-Salem a new president has been named to the Piedmont Triad Research Park. Jeff Tiberii has more.

Jeff Tiberii: Eric Tomlinson has been chosen by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to lead the PTRP. Tomlimson has experience as both a scienctist and leader of several start-ups. That was a major draw for the leaders at Wake Forest, including Dr. John McConnell, the CEO of Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. John McConnell: So he has this whole experience of understanding the science, taking that science through the FDA approval process and actually bringing products to market. That's a pretty unique set of experience to have someone who is the head of a research park.

Tomlinson will be in charge of commercializing the research that takes place at the research park and will also oversee all of the infrastructure on the campus. PTRP has about 1,000 employees in 10 different departments. Tomlinson begins July 2nd.