Tornado Debris Cleanup Nearing an End

May 24, 2011

Debris from last month's tornadoes that hit central North Carolina is still being cleaned up. In Raleigh, officials are advising residents to get the rest of their yard debris out to the curb by June first. There is also an effort by city workers to clear streams and rivers of downed trees that could contribute to flooding. Steve Abbot works for the state Department of Transportation. He says contractors are still collecting debris outside of Raleigh as well. 

Steve Abbot: "In Wilson county they're actually going out for a few days this week and they expect to be completely done there. The really hard hit areas like Bertie and Hertford counties, they're going to go out for another sweep now towards the end of this month and they're going to go out again a third time early June probably 'til about June 10th."

Abbot says its helpful if residents can cut trees and brush into five- to six-foot pieces and place it along roadways, but out of travel lanes.