Top Stories: Navy Yard Shootings; Phone Data Collection OK'd

Sep 18, 2013

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Day Before Navy Yard Shootings, Suspect Bought Shotgun.

-- No Guns Please, Starbucks Tells Customers.

-- FISA Court Backs NSA Program Of Phone Data Collection.

And here are more early headlines:

Russia Says U.N. Report On Syrian Chemical Weapons Is Biased. (Guardian)

Rain Easing In Colorado, Helping Rescuers Find Stranded People. (Denver Post)

Walgreens To Move Workers Into New Health Exchanges. (Businessweek)

Tourists Evacuated From Acapulco After Twin Mexican Storms. (Bloomberg)

Australia's New Leader Immediately Implements Migrant Policy. (ABC Sydney)

Businessman McCourt Gives Georgetown University $100 Million. (Washington Post)

Powerball Jackpot Now $400 Million - Drawing Tonight. (Los Angeles Times)

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