TIMCO Aerosystems Expands To Davidson County

Nov 7, 2011

TIMCO Aerosystems is showing off its newest manufacturing facility today in Davidson County.   The company needed a second plant to keep up with demand.

The new TIMCO Aerosystems plant is in the town of Wallburg.  There are about 140 employees at the facility where airline seating is manufactured for companies like Boeing and Airbus.  Rick Salanitri is President of TIMCO Aerosystems.  He says they conducted a national search to determine the best place to expand.

Rick Salanitri:  "What we found and one of the reasons we selected Davidson County, we found a very high unemployment rate unfortunately, but the demographics of that workforce was a very high skill level."

TIMCO Aerosystems set up shop in a former Tyco Electronics plant in Wallburg.  TIMCO Aviation Services is headquartered in Greensboro and employees three-thousand people nationwide.