Three Fort Bragg Soldiers Receive Medals

Dec 3, 2010

Three soldiers at Fort Bragg received medals today for their bravery during a recent deployment to Afghanistan. Sargeant First Class Marius Orhon received an Army Commendation Medal with Valor, and Sargeants Erik Crouch and Ryan Schloesser both received Bronze Star Medals with Valor. Crouch is a medic who performed valiantly after his group was attacked by Taliban. Major Matthew Ziglar is the company commander.

"He was not only laying suppressive fire, but then when there were some injuries, he put himself between the injuries and the enemy in order to care for these soldiers, bring them back in and provide medical care for them, and then additionally, transport them to a helicopter when it arrived so they could be medically evacuated."

The men all belong to the 91st Civil Affairs battalion, which performs everything from repairing infrastructure to helping local leaders.