Testimony Underway in Edwards Trial

Apr 24, 2012

The testimony of a former John Edwards aide is expected to continue today at the Federal Courthouse in Greensboro.

Jeff Tiberii: Just 90 seconds after sitting down on Monday a nervous looking Andrew Young asked the judge for a glass of water. The former right-hand-man to John Edwards is the first witness for the prosecution. Young and Edwards were once so close that Young initially claimed paternity of the child that Edwards fathered with a mistress in order to protect the candidate. Young’s upcoming testimony about nearly one million dollars used to hide the affair and child is key to the prosecution’s case. The defense is expected to attack the credibility of Young in cross-examination. They say Young actually kept most of the money given by two wealthy donors to build a house in Chapel Hill. It was also revealed in court on Monday that Young called three people on the defense witness list within the past couple of weeks. Young’s testimony is expected to last all day.