Tata Hits Milestone

Jan 30, 2012

Wake Schools Superintendent Tony Tata has been on the job one year today. As Dave DeWitt reports, Tata has overcome a rocky start to earn the respect of former critics.

Dave DeWitt: The former Republican School Board majority hired Tata, and in the hyper-partisan atmosphere of the past several years, that means everything. In his introductory press conference last year, Tata tried to dispel the notion that he was there to do anyone’s bidding.

Tony Tata: I think what people are going to learn about Tony Tata real quick is that I’m own man. I’m not going to toe anybody’s line except the one that increases student achievement.

Tata won over some critics with his tireless outreach efforts. His future, however, is tied to the ongoing acceptance of the new student assignment plan. The new democratic majority approved Tata’s plan with some changes earlier this month. Students will learn their school assignments in March.