Task Force Says Greensboro Needs Downtown Arts Center, Public-Private Partnership Is Necessary

Feb 1, 2013

Credit Greensboro Performing Arts Center

The task force charged with studying the feasibility of a performing arts center in Greensboro says the city needs, wants and can support one.

Since last summer the Greensboro Performing Arts Center task force has tried to answer a series of questions from the City Council. Among them, where would a performing arts center go, what would it look like, how will it be funded and will the city support it?

The task force says Greensboro needs and wants a performing arts venue and that it should be downtown. Furthermore, GPAC recommends at least 3,000 seats and a facility that would be funded with $20 million from the city, $20 million from private donations, with another $10 million left to be raised.

The task force had a budget of about $400,000 to assess the feasibility of a performing arts center. The War Memorial is the largest venue in the city, but is in needs of significant renovations and is more than 50 years old.

GPAC also recommends a 1 dollar surcharge for every ticket sold at a downtown venue, which would be used to create an arts stabilization fund, to help support existing venues. The Greensboro City Council could approve 20 million dollars in funding or leave the choice up to the voters.