Sweepstakes Parlors Get Reprieve

Dec 3, 2010

Credit Laura Leslie

The doors will stay open at some video sweepstakes parlors, despite a new state law that took effect this week.

The new ban covers gambling-style games, like keno and slots, as well as any other game that uses a - quote - "entertaining display" to reveal sweepstakes results. A Guilford County judge ruled that last part of the new law is unconstitutionally broad, while a Wake County judge ruled it is constitutional.

Attorney General Roy Cooper thinks it’s constitutional too, but he wants a higher court to weigh in. 

"We are going to appeal the matter to the court of appeals, ask for an expedited ruling. It’s very important that the courts give clear guidance on this issue to law enforcement, and that’s what we will be seeking."

Meantime, Cooper’s office is telling local law enforcement that while they can shut down specific casino-style games, they should not yet enforce the new ban on sweepstakes parlors offering other types of games.