Supreme Court Temporarily Halts NC's 2017 Legislative Election

Jan 10, 2017

NC's Senate election map, now ruled unconstitutional, will have to be redrawn by the state Legislature in 2017.

The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily halted special legislative elections in North Carolina.

A federal three-judge panel ruled last summer that 28 state legislative districts in North Carolina are unconstitutional. That ruling declared the seats illegal racial gerrymanders and ordered state lawmakers to redraw boundaries by March 15th, with special state elections to take place in November.

However, legislators who drew the districts in question appealed to the high court. On Tuesday, a temporary stay was issued. This order effectively hits pause on any special elections, until the Supreme Court decides if it wants to hear the case.

Five of the eight justices are needed for the case to proceed before the high court. Justices will consider whether to do that next week.