Strip Ts

Mar 31, 2017
Originally published on April 11, 2017 2:27 pm

Ask Me Another raunches up this word game where every answer is a famous phrase, but with its "Ts" stripped away. If we said, "Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Pecos Bill are the subject of unlikely stories about drinking every beer," the answer would be "all ales." That's "tall tales" without the letter T.

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Next, it's a game called Strip Ts. Don't worry, parents, it's completely kid friendly because nudity is natural and we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies.


EISENBERG: But first, let's check in with our contestants. Brandi, you are also really into baking.


EISENBERG: OK, so if you could enter something into a baking competition that would win, what would you enter?

LOVE: It's something called cowboy cookies...


LOVE: ...And they're just full of, like, coconut and pecans and all kinds of good stuff. I finish them off with some Maldon salt.

EISENBERG: Oh, with - yeah, yeah.

LOVE: Oh, they're so good. They're so good. They would win.

EISENBERG: Yeah. Fantastic, I'm in. Peter, you describe yourself as someone who is not brave. But you...


EISENBERG: ...Also, I've learned, jumped out of a plane and slept under a truck. So can you explain yourself?


PETER STOREY: Well, jumping out of a plane - one day freshman year, the most gorgeous girl in our freshman dorm and the hunkiest hunk in our freshman dorm showed up together saying, we've just gone skydiving and you should too. So, of course, the whole dorm had to go skydiving 'cause...


STOREY: ...We can't pass on that.

EISENBERG: Sure. Good looking people told you to do something.


STOREY: You got it. There's no cred like that. So I jumped out of a plane.

EISENBERG: And how was it?

STOREY: It was fun.


STOREY: And terrifying.

EISENBERG: OK. But you lived to tell the tale.

STOREY: I lived to tell the tale.

EISENBERG: Would you do it again?




EISENBERG: Well, it's time for a saucy word game. Brandi, what are you not ashamed of?

LOVE: Well, there's nothing to be ashamed of, really, but...


LOVE: I've always struggled with my ridiculous hair, and I've decided to embrace it. I go to, like, a special, you know, curly hair cutting person now (laughter).

EISENBERG: See, as someone with totally bone-straight hair, I've wanted curly hair my entire life. And I know it goes in reverse.

LOVE: Yeah.

EISENBERG: But I'm jealous of your lovely locks.

LOVE: (Laughter) Thanks.

EISENBERG: Peter, what are you not ashamed of?

STOREY: I guess my ears 'cause I'm ashamed of pretty much everything else.


EISENBERG: You do have fantastic ears.

STOREY: Well, thank you (laughter).

EISENBERG: So we have a word game for you called Strip Ts. And every answer is a famous phrase that's had its letter T's removed. Let's go to Cecil Baldwin for an example.

CECIL BALDWIN: Sure. So if I said, Paul Bunyan, John Henry and Pecos Bill are the subject of unlikely stories about drinking every beer, your answer would be all ales because that's "Tall Tales" with the T's stripped away.

STOREY: We're in trouble.


EISENBERG: The crowd riots.


EISENBERG: Peter, you won the last game, so you win this and you are in the final round. Brandi, you need to win this. If you lose, however, you will receive a T-bone steak dinner that is cooked well done and smothered in ketchup.


LOVE: Harsh.

EISENBERG: OK, I encourage you to buzz in, talk it out. Here's your first one. Megadeth, Black Sabbath and Motorhead are examples of this aggressive genre that gets a little sluggish after enjoying a third helping at Thanksgiving.



LOVE: Heavy meal.

EISENBERG: Heavy meal is correct, yes.


BALDWIN: This beloved children's TV star wore the same cardigan every day because he refused to spend a dime on anything nice.



STOREY: Miser Rogers.

BALDWIN: Yes, that is correct.


BALDWIN: Mr. Rogers without the T.

EISENBERG: He did only have those two pairs of shoes.


BALDWIN: And one of them lived in the land of make believe. So really he just had one.


EISENBERG: I heard a rumor that the military dictator of medieval Japan is only getting married because there's a little Samurai on the way. Puzzle guru Cecil Baldwin, can you offer a little hint here?

BALDWIN: Oh, goodness. So what we're looking for is kind of an older phrase about, you know, when a little one is on the way and you've got to run off and get hitched real quick.




STOREY: A shogun wedding.

EISENBERG: Shogun wedding.


BALDWIN: It's very hard not using the actual words...


BALDWIN: ...In the answer, by the way.

EISENBERG: I know. Exactly, exactly.

BALDWIN: So this period of the French Revolution headed by Robespierre made much use of the guillotine and was largely defined by mistakes, miscalculations and blunders.



STOREY: The reign of error.

BALDWIN: Correct.



EISENBERG: This large saline lake in Southern California is one of North America's largest bodies of inland hairstylists and cosmeticians.


STOREY: The salon sea.

EISENBERG: The salon sea, that's exactly what we're looking for, yeah.


EISENBERG: The Salton Sea frequently burps up hydrogen sulfide, everybody. So you can smell it as far as 130 miles away in Los Angeles.

BALDWIN: Lovely.

EISENBERG: Isn't that nice? OK, this is your last clue. McDonald's keeps this record of seafood sandwiches.



STOREY: File-o-fish?

EISENBERG: File that under fish. That is correct.


EISENBERG: You guys did amazing. That was a very, very hard one.


EISENBERG: Puzzle guru Cecil Baldwin, how did our contestants do?

BALDWIN: Peter, you won both games, so you're moving on to the final round.


JULIAN VELARD: (Playing piano, singing) Deep in my darkest hour, that's when I feel the power. That's when I know nobody can hurt me. No one can hurt me 'cause you're all right don't it all right by me. I can tell you're lonely. You could use the company. I'm not going to fight you, girl. No, I'm not like that, girl. Yeah. You can go all night, don't it, all night with me. You don't have to know me. What you get is what you see. I'm not going to bite you, girl. No, no, I'm not like that, girl. Yeah.


EISENBERG: Julian Velard.

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