'Storymakers: Durham' Breaking Down Divisions With Shared Experiences

Aug 9, 2016

Credit Storymakers:Durham

There's a lot of focus right now on the things that divide Americans – race, class, religion, sexual orientation, and more. Sometimes, intense shared experiences can break down those divisions.


Katt Ryce will tell you that a shared effort to recover from addiction is one of those experiences. Ryce has spent the last three years at TROSA, the residential substance abuse treatment center in Durham. She is one of the citizen storytellers in our "Storymakers: Durham" project. Ryce interviewed two other women who got clean at TROSA and are now on staff there, Kaszondra Davis and Susan Mowery.

This story is a part of our special collaborative project, Storymakers: Durham. WUNC is one of 15 stations across the country chosen to be a part of the innovative public media project called Localore: Finding America. The project is being put together by the Association of Independents in Radio and is funded in large part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


The project is produced by John Biewen, a producer with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and host of the Scene on Radio podcast. The project will explore the things that bring us together and divide us as a community, like race, class and faith.


Find out more and submit a written story of your own at storymakersdurham.org.