StoryCorps: Bringing A Split Family Closer Together

May 12, 2014

Jenny Cude, Bella Cude, and Susie Bird
Credit StoryCorps

The StoryCorps mobile booth is wrapping up its stay in Durham this week.  The silver trailer has been in town since last month, collecting conversations to archive at the Library of Congress.  Many of those conversations are also airing on WUNC.

StoryCorps recently recorded a conversation with 12-year-old Bella Cude, her mother Susie Bird, and her step-mother Jenny Cude.  Susie and Jenny are good friends despite being on two sides of a split family, and that family is about to get larger.  Jenny is pregnant.  Bella, Susie and Jenny talked about how they've been able to avoid the conventional struggles that come with divorce.


StoryCorps recorded Bella, Jenny and Susie at its mobile booth in Durham. If you'd like a peek inside, tours of the mobile booth will be available Thursday night during the Back Porch Music On The Lawn concert at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.