State of the Northeast Region Examined

Feb 24, 2012

The unemployment rate for the northeast part of the state continues to top 10-percent. But at today’s “Northeast State of the Region” event, economic developers are expected to show there’s positive progress.

Leoneda Inge: Sixteen counties make up Northeast North Carolina. Vann Rogerson is president of the North Carolina Northeast Commission. He says there are several projects underway that will provide a brighter future for the region, like a major grant to connect communities through broadband.

Vann Rogerson:  Broadband, redundant broadband in the area is a game-changer for our rural area. Certainly a high level math and science school in our area is a game-changer, we certainly need all of those across North Carolina that we can get.

The northeast region’s new Biotech High School is scheduled to open in the fall.