State Leaders Propose Transportation Funding Changes

Apr 18, 2013

State Transportation Secretary Tony Tata
Credit Gurnal Scott

Governor Pat McCrory wants a new method of funding transportation projects in order to spur economic growth.  He says the way the state has approached transportation projects has not favored areas that need an economic boost.

"We have struggled to keep pace with the needs of our growing areas and to bring jobs to our most economic-challenges areas of this state.  So right now it's time to think differently," McCrory says.

The new Strategic Mobility Formula he proposes puts state DOT projects in three categories:  state, regional and local.  Transportation Secretary Tony Tata says this would help his department assess and approach the greatest needs first.

"There's always been this competition, but now what it does is elevates it out of 14 separate stovepipes and allows for money to be spent on those most pressing needs," Tata says.

Tata says the new formula could also give more weight to projects that foster commerce.  The legislature has to approve the funding change.