State Lawmakers Plod Along Without Budget In Sight

Jul 23, 2014

Credit NC General Assembly

Senate lawmakers considered a number of items today, while many House lawmakers took the time to pay homage to the late Republican Representative Jim Fulghum.

There's still no official word on whether budget writers might be close to an agreement on a spending plan for this fiscal year. So in the meantime, lawmakers are publicly pursuing other measures.

In the morning, a Senate Rules Committee approved a bill that would restore Fayetteville's red-light cameras, but the committee shelved another that would have allowed license-plate scanners on highways.

Later, in the Senate floor session, lawmakers went through a number of items on their calendar. Many members of the House took the time to attend the late Republican Representative Jim Fulghum's funeral this afternoon. Fulgum was a retired physician who died not long after he received a diagnosis of esophageal cancer.