State Lawmakers Pass Tax Reform Bill

Jul 17, 2013

Credit Dave DeWitt / WUNC

State lawmakers have formally approved a tax reform package that would lower the personal and corporate income tax rates and end the estate tax.

Republican leaders and Governor McCrory have hailed the bill as one that will help bring more jobs to the state. Democrats say the tax cuts will cause great damage to education and health care.

Republican Senator Tom Apodaca says even national criticism from the New York Times doesn't faze him.

"I think I said yesterday during my remarks that I didn't care what the New York Times wrote- I cared what the Wall Street Journal wrote. And I'll be doggoned if I didn't open up a Wall Street Journal this morning and they were praising this package. Now I know the N and O and Asheville Citizen didn't, I'm shocked, I really am shocked. I thought no I thought they'd see this for what it was, but they didn't," said Apodaca.

The tax bill will now go to the governor's desk for his approval. He is expected to sign it.