State Lawmakers Nearing Consensus On Tax Reform

Jun 20, 2013

Credit NC General Assembly

State lawmakers say they're nearing consensus on tax reform. Speaker of the House Thom Tillis says the House and the Senate are close to an agreement.

Potential tax code changes could change the level of funding state budget writers would be able to spend. But there's not much time left before the fiscal year ends for lawmakers to agree on a state budget plan.

Tillis says legislators plan to take that up very soon.

"We will begin conferencing the budget just so that you all know, because of the time it's probably worth mentioning we probably will take up a continuing resolution next week. And the reason for that is to provide some certainty going into the week because of our obligation to pass the budget," said Tillis.

A continuing resolution would allow lawmakers to keep state government operating past July first if they don't come to an agreement before then.

Tillis and some other lawmakers are growing beards that they've pledged not to shave off until a budget is passed.